Fantasy Diamond Glitter Cream - No Glue Needed - Eyeshadow (PROMOTIONAL OFFER)

Fantasy Diamond Glitter Cream - No Glue Needed - Eyeshadow (PROMOTIONAL OFFER)
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The NEW veevonderland Glitter Cream

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The Fantasy Diamond Eye Glitter Cream 

 No Glue Needed. It's a Cream!

This creamy rich unique Glitter Cream is a really extraordinary product for every Makeup lover. 

For application just use your finger for a quick bold look, for more precision on your eyes use a small brush.

"I love all these products, but this is my favorite one!" (Vee about the Eye Glitter Cream)

Promotional Offer 60% OFF 

You get:

  • 1 x Fantasy Diamond Eye Glitter Cream (worth $32)
  • The beautiful veevonderland shipping box (worth $12) 

Today Only $16 instead of $44.

The Limited Edition

When you have a look at the product in this online shop here, you see that you would need to pay the regular prices for the single product ($32).
So here is the veevonderland promotional offer. It's available only here and only for a limited time.

Please note: This is a limited promotional offer to promote the brand.

It can be gone tomorrow or even later today!

Just $16 - Limited Time Only!

Fantasy Diamond Glitter Cream Special 60% OFF discounted Eyeshadow Cream instead of $44 for just $16 today.

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